Do you want to bind your own documents? If so, you need know which 11 manufacturers make the best machines available. Here’s a list to help you out:


  1. Akilesis a great name to look for when you’re searching for a durable binding machine. This company makes coil, wire, and comb binding machines that can withstand a good amount of use and many of them are also easy to operate. Best of all, there’s bound to be an Akiles device that will fit your budget.


  2. DFGis a newcomer to the binding machine world, but they’re already making a mark. Many of their machines have been designed by engineers who used to work for GBC, the undisputed leader when it comes to document finishing. Due to this, you can expect DFG coil and wire binding devices to be well-designed and easy to use.


  3. Fellowesmanufactures comb, wire, and thermal binding machines that are perfect for offices and schools. Their thermal devices are especially popular thanks to their modern appearance and ease of use. One of them, the Helios 60, has a document thickness detector that can tell how thick your book is and then choose the appropriate settings. It doesn’t get easier than that.


  4. GBCis to go-to name when it comes to binding machines. The company pioneered the use of comb binding, a document finishing method that remains extremely popular. GBC still makes devices that are compatible with combs in addition to coil, wire, and VeloBind/Surebind machines. They also make ProClick and ZipBind spines that make it possible to bind outside the office.


  5. James Burn is a family-owned business that is well-known for manufacturing heavy-duty modular punches and wire closers. The company also makes a great comb binding device called the SmartBind which is ideal for home, office, and school use. All of James Burn’s products are well-made so you can expect to get a lot of use out of them.


  6. Powis Parkermakes tape binding machines that are especially good for putting together professional-looking materials for meetings and more. This manufacturer recently released the popular Fastback 20, a device that can bind a 350-page document in less than 1 minute. Fastback supplies are environmentally friendly so you can use them and feel good about doing something nice for the planet.


  7. ProBind produces thermal binding machines that can be used to bind yearbooks, anthologies, marketing materials, and more. The company has been around since 2007 and makes two machines – the ProBind 1000 and 2000) – as well as a hardcover crimper which can help you get a more secure binding when working with hardbound books.


  8. Renzmakes devices that can help out with three of the most popular binding methods: comb, coil, and wire. They also create modular punches so you only need one device to punch different hole patterns for various bookbinding methods. Renz devices are great for high-output environments.


  9. Rhin-O-Tuffis a company that makes incredibly durable binding machines and modular punches. Rhin-O-Tuff products are very popular with copy shops and binderies because they can withstand almost anything and allow users to quickly crank out professional-looking books, pamphlets, and so on.


  10. Tamericais a company that also makes laminator, but their binding machines can’t be beat. They recently put out a number of new machines including the FlexiBind which can do comb, coil, and wire binding. Tamerica devices are durable and affordable, and they’re great for all different kinds of work environments.


  11. Unibindis the manufacturer of some of the most innovative thermal bookbinding devices around. Their machines can bind more than one document at a time and come in various sizes. Also, Unibind makes their own supplies including PhotoBook shells that can be used to create great-looking photo albums. Be sure to check out these products if you want your work to look extremely professional.


These are the best binding machine manufacturers in the business. They all make high-quality devices, so be sure to check them out if you’re ready to start binding your own documents.

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