Electric coffee makers seem to be the most popular small kitchen appliance that exists. Do you know many people that don’t have one? I know people that live simple, in small places but the one appliance they wouldn’t be without is their coffee maker. With the higher cost of this popular caffeinated beverage and less income many people are opting to make it at home even more than before. But now that you’re hooked on the good stuff from the coffee shop you may wonder how you can make it better at home.

Making a better brew at home is dependent on the coffee you use but also on the maker you use. The experts seem to agree on a few things that you should look for in your next electric coffee maker.

The Heat Of The Water
To get the best extraction from the beans the water needs to consistently remain at a high enough temperature. A good consistent temperature is 200 degrees. Unfortunately many don’t get to this temperature, most are in the range of 165 to 180 degrees. For the very best cup of joe look for the higher temperature.

Electric Coffee Maker Features
Don’t spend more money for extra features you don’t need just because they sound fun or interesting. The main purpose of the drip coffee maker is to make a good cup of coffee. Too many machines offer extra features that distract from their main function. Having a timer with a grinder may be an important feature for you so you can have a nice fresh pot waiting for you in the morning. Freshly ground beans do make a better cup. But you don’t need that glow in the dark clock.

Thermal Carafe
Speaking of features, one of the main things my husband looked for in our latest purchase was one that came with a thermal carafe, and that’s been his favorite feature.

A thermal carafe is vital to keep the flavor of your coffee fresh. Without a carafe it will oxidize and continue to be reheated by the heating plate causing it to get burnt, bitter flavor over time. This process starts pretty quickly, so unless you’re going to drink it right away a thermal carafe is vital to retain the best flavor.

Easy To Maintain
Having a maker that is easy to clean and maintain also means better flavor. If the coffee maker gets dirty because it’s too difficult to clean it will affect the flavor of your fresh brew.

Durability Of The Drip Coffee Maker
Once you find that perfect drip coffee maker you want it to last. Besides that buying cheap makers can end up costing you more over time because they don’t last as long. If you buy a sturdy coffee maker with more metal parts than plastic it will last longer, which is important if you make it daily. For help with this you can read consumer reviews online to see what experience others have had.

The coffee maker you use truly can affect the flavor of your coffee. If you love and appreciate the complex flavors that can be found in a good cup you’ll want to do some reading before buying your next electric coffee maker.

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