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Automatic Espresso Machines: The Evolution From Simple Coffee To Delightful Espresso In The Home


Thanks to the evolution of gourmet coffee beans and espresso drinks, coffee is not just your get-up-and-go in the morning drink anymore. It can be a delicious mix of sweet and bitter tastes that dance around in your mouth and warm your heart.  And thanks to the modern conveniences, espresso lovers can enjoy these drinks at home by purchasing one of many models of automatic espresso machines.


The advantages of coffee are one of many reasons why folks are energized every day to realize success in their lives. When the planet wakes up in the morning, the top drink is coffee (well, okay juice too). Not only is the beverage’s popularity not debatable, in recent years there have even been some health advantages as well associated with this magic elixir, from a better digestive system to a better immune system. Naturally, moderation would be a key.


With the growing popularity of coffee, more and more drink recipes are making their way to the United States from Europe.  While many of these recipes eventually get “Americanized” (or more succinctly put: “Starbuck-ized”) to where they end up tasting very similar to one another, the range of drinks still remains exciting.  From an Affogato to an Americano to a Macchiato, the ratio of milk to espresso and the quality of the various espresso drinks makes for some exciting times in the lives of espresso lovers.


You are probably wondering how much money this will cost you to have this luxury at home.  The two factors would be price of the machine as well as learning curve.  Fortunately, home espresso makers come with a different levels of automation to please both the adventurous experimenter to the impatient espresso lover.  This leaves us with price as a factor.

There are espresso machines that are under $300, and there are some that over $1000.  In the long run, just about any espresso machine will be a bargain if you use it if you consider going out to get a drink costs around $5 per drink (though you are paying for some nice cafe atmosphere). Home espresso machines, if used a lot, in the long run can come in at perhaps $1 per drink.


Ah…but which machine to buy?  There are so many choices!!  Do you go for the single serving espresso machines for enjoying an espresso with your favorite book?  Or do you go for the industrial strength invite-people-over espresso machine? Do you go for the push-button super-automatic espresso machine: just push and enjoy?  Or are you the budding home barista that wants a semi automatic espresso machine that has options for both convenient pods as well as a grinder for your own beans? 



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